Crowdstrike's wrapped Totem Focuses


CrowdStrike, a prominent name in the cybersecurity industry, reached out to Promultis with an innovative vision for their stand at a high-profile cybersecurity event. Recognising Promultis’s expertise in interactive solutions, CrowdStrike sought to create an engaging and impactful experience that would captivate event attendees. The hardware would have to be custom-wrapped with CrowdStrike’s branding to blend in seamlessly with their stand.


Promultis delivered an exceptional solution to CrowdStrike by providing 8 custom-wrapped Totem Focuses, each tailored to meet the unique branding needs of the cybersecurity leader. Among these, 6 Totem Focuses were adorned in striking red CrowdStrike branding, effectively showcasing the company’s strong identity. Additionally, another Totem Focus featured sleek black CrowdStrike branding, adding a touch of sophistication to the display. Promultis also created a stand for a Totem Focus wrapped in Mercedes branding, harmonising seamlessly with the prestigious aesthetics of Mercedes. This collaborative effort not only highlighted CrowdStrike’s commitment to innovation but also underscored Promultis’s ability to tailor interactive solutions that transcend traditional boundaries, ultimately enhancing brand visibility and leaving an indelible mark on the audience.

Crowdstrike's wrapped Totem Focus

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