FONFA (Friends of the New Forest Airfields)


FONFA (Friends of the New Forest Airfields) took an innovative approach when engaging with Promultis to fulfil their requirement for an interactive hardware and software solution for their heritage centre. Recognising the significance of preserving and sharing New Forest history, FONFA collaborated closely with Promultis to ensure a tailored solution that seamlessly blended technology with heritage.


Promultis successfully provided an UNO table and 2x Lightning Screens, all of which featuring bespoke IMMERSE software, allowing visitors to seamlessly navigate the New Forest area using an interactive map to find out about each of the historic airfields. By combining Promultis’ expertise in interactive displays with FONFA’s deep understanding of airfield heritage, the partnership resulted in a captivating experience for visitors. The interactive hardware and software solution not only engaged guests with immersive displays but also enabled them to explore the rich history of the area in a hands-on and educational manner. This unique approach highlighted FONFA’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to promote and preserve the legacy of pilots, aeroplanes, and airfields, fostering a greater appreciation for their contributions among visitors of all ages.

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