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If you are looking for a lightning fast multitouch screen with Android as standard, and an unmatched ‘do it all’ versatility. The lightning III touch screen is the best interactive multitouch display on the market today.

The Promultis Lightning III is a highly versatile, fast and reliable multitouch screen. With a narrow bezel and modern sleek design, this unit is extremely well equipped with the latest in multitouch infra-red technology. Available in sizes from 55” up to 86” and 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) variants, the Lightning III is a very flexible and highly cost-effective solution to a multitude of needs.

Whether you opt for the smaller 55” in your office or the large 86” for an exhibition or foyer, the Lightning III allows for up to 32 touch points at any one time, and with a super tough anti-scratch/glare surface, is one of our toughest screens yet! Not only one of the toughest, but also one of the best connected. Built in Wi-Fi, HDMI/VGA/RS232 and USB connectivity all come as standard. You can also incorporate a USB camera with the system, allowing you to use the Lightning III as a very powerful video conferencing tool and take advantage of a whole host of photo and video applications. If you add the Promultis Viewstick to your Lightning III, you can connect to the screen with a windows, Android or IOS mobile device or tablet and control what is on the screen wirelessly! This gives you the freedom to manoeuvre around a room whilst presenting without obstructing the screen, the clever bit is that if you are using a windows device, you can also manipulate your device content utilising the touch capabilities of the screen!

The unit can be controlled either remotely or by controls on the side, and ships with integrated Android and our industry renowned UboardMate interactive whiteboard software, UboardMate allows you to interact with the screen content in a multitude of fun and creative ways, perfect for education and training environments. If you are looking for some extra power, there is also an optional ops PC that can neatly slot into the rear of the unit.

Worried about mounting? Don’t be, the unit also ships with a wall bracket!

The Lightning III is one of our flagship products, a true multi touch powerhouse. Don’t let the slim form factor deceive you, this hardware is seriously capable and can run some very impressive interactive software including our industry standard Object Recognition and Demographic Recognition software, with or without the optional OPS PC. With its high brightness, crystal clear display and use of the very latest infra-red technology, the Lightning III is a formidable screen. The Lightning III is a flexible and powerful multitouch display that can be paired with other Promultis hardware solutions such as our Totems, Drop-in Inserts and Kiosks to name just a few, with ease, meaning completely seamless cross-platform interaction. Fast, Reliable and robust, everything you could want from an interactive multitouch screen!

The Lightning III has been the choice product for a wide variety of client solutions. The flexibility of this wall, or stand mounted screen is incredible. The large display area and proportionate bezel, combined with the latest Infra-red technology makes it THE interactive, multitouch screen to have! If you want to capture attention and imagination, look no further. Interactive whiteboards are an aging technology, our tech savvy children are not as easily impressed as they once were, requiring more creative and more interactive content than ever before to capture and hold their attention in the classroom. Office spaces are getting increasingly technological and require more power, connectivity and versatility, and customer facing areas can be made truly memorable, all of this can be achieved when you choose the Lightning III.

    • The perfect whiteboard replacement with the included UboardMate software.
    • Extensive video conferencing capabilities, enhancing meetings, presentations and training sessions in both corporate and educational settings.
    • Enhance interactivity and engagement during meetings.
    • 2-way control of windows devices when using a Promultis viewstick.
    • Display interactive or non-interactive promotions and incentive campaigns.
    • Allow users to play games and interact with your brand.
    • Connect with other hardware solutions easily, quickly and seamlessly.
    • Include payment options such as credit card terminals and contactless readers.
    • Display current events and local information.
    • Show your live social feeds, allowing customers to interact with their own social accounts by sharing/uploading pictures taken using the integrated webcam.
    • Collect user feedback.

Interactive 3D site plan for marketing suite by Seeable Ltd on Promultis 75” Lightning Screen.

Lighting Screen on wall
Android screen

Integrated Android 8.01

Connect a usb drive to one of the usb ports on the display and upload your media directly into the built-in Android Operating System. View and manage your media assets directly from the usb drive.

USB port for camera

USB port on the top of the display for usb web camera.

lightning III with OPS PC insert

Optional PC integration in rear of display

OPS PC with Intel i5 or i7 Processor and built-In A/C band WiFi Router.

Software included

Promultis whiteboard software

Promultis White Board Software

The Promultis Whiteboard Software is included when you purchase the Promultis Touch Screen. This annotation and presentation software includes a colour pallet, pens, drawing tools and shapes. Import your images and media files and annotate directly onto the documents. Ideal as a teaching tool or presentations in meetings.

Other software options

Snowflake Ultimate

Snowflake Ultimate Software

The Snowflake Ultimate Suite is fully featured with over 42 apps, including presentation, creativity and productivity tools, as well as games and puzzles. Customise the entire look and feel of this multitouch software solution, simply by replacing default content like backgrounds, videos, images, PDF brochures, 3D models etc with your own.

Promultis Bespoke Interactive Software

Multitouch Presentation

Enhance your brand communication and engage with customers through a fully branded, content rich, interactive application with multi-user, collaborative interface.

EShare Software

eshare logo

EShare is a wireless collaboration software which enables users to connect their own devices to one screen. Using this software, each person can share their screens and take control of the host screen without having to leave their own device.


55″ Lightning III65″ Lightning III86″ Lightning III
Width1285.5 mm1490.5 mm1959.5 mm
Height766.2 mm875.5 mm1140.2 mm
Depth90 mm89.3 mm89.3 mm
Weight34.3 kg43 kg66 kg
Touch Points32 (Infrared)32 (Infrared)32 (Infrared)
Resolution3840 pixels x 2160 pixels 4K UHD3840 pixels x 2160 pixels 4K UHD3840×2160 4K UHD


Promultis Lightning III Touch Screen connectivity