People interacting with the tables 2

Thorpe Park Resort Theme Park in Staines, Surrey

Three Promultis Uno Tables and themed snowflake software

Thorpe Park Resort is an island with over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events.

Promultis installed three Uno tables in the Thorpe Park Coffee Shack which are a great hit with the park visitors.

The Uno Table has a heavy duty, centre column, allowing seemless access to every side of the touch surface, enabling full collaboration from any angle.

Part of the Thorpe Park project was for Promultis to reskin the Snowflake software and style it with the Thorpe Park Fright Night theme from media files supplied by the client.

Features included a background Fright Night image and screensaver, media viewer content including four videos and a questionnaire giving the user the chance of winning free tickets to the park.

People interacting with the tables

Fright night software on a uno table
Fright night software on a uno table 2