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Meetings have come a long way since a pen and paper were required to take notes. Multi touch interactive screens allow your staff to present meetings in a whole new dynamic, exiting way.

If your meeting room still has a projector and Whiteboard in it, then by now your staff must be fed up of presenting into a burning bright light. The major benefit of Promultis Touchscreens is that they offer bright, interactive presentations without the hassle of looking into a projector light, and having to change lamps. They also allow multiple people to touch the screen and interact at the same time.

Promultis Lightning II Touchscreen

So why touchscreen? With the major labels such as Microsoft, Apple and Android all making their operating systems touch enabled, software vendors have followed suit and most applications now offer a touch option. Its now so easy to take notes, or show a touch presentation on a nice big, bright screen and email it straight to the attendees immediately.

With other advances in hardware it is now possible to use the Promultis touchscreen to show laptops, tablets or phone screens from other people in the meeting and annotate over or take control of those devices, allowing a more interactive meeting with participants. (requires additional hardware and software).

Interactive Reception

If your reception area lacks the WOW factor then maybe you should start thinking about putting in an interactive product to show your customers your portfolio why they wait. Promultis have a number of options to suit different environments.

Promultis Tables

Ideal for showing your latest catalogue or product portfolio. The promultis table range offers some great looking products, and coupled with Snowflake software you can have a menu system that allows your clients to play branded games, browse the web, view pdfs, play with 3d drawings, or view videos and photos.

Training and research facilities for healthcare professionals

Video wall for BMW corporate promotion at Ryder Cup

Promultis Uno Table with software for HTC training days

Networking event at Thorpe Park with screens and tables

Promultis VideoWall

The ultimate WOW factor for a reception area. Show multiple TV feeds, or presentations or interactive story lines, whatever takes your fancy. One things for sure, your customer will definitely remember the visit to your premises.

Promultis Kiosk / Totems

These interactive kiosks and interactive totums are great advertising boards or wayfinding options. Some of customers have also used them as virtual receptionists allowing door entry after registration. Call us for options that suit your needs.


If you are thinking about exhibiting, then please talk to us about how we can make your stand more exciting. All of our multi touch products are available to rent and we have a dedicated software department that can certainly wow the audience on your stand.