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promultis tab screen

A stunning 4K screen designed with a robust, boxier shape for style and protection. Great for areas where public interaction is required like shops or museums.

This screen has Projected Capacitive technology allowing the front of the screen to be completely flat. 10 or 100 touch points activated by finger or interactive object. Very accurate. Choose a screen with sizes ranging from 43″ all the way up to a huge 86” 4K UHD screen.

Along with bezel-less Projected Capacitive technology, we also offer an Infrared 32 touch technology option. This screen is designed to be displayed on a wall, flat onto a table top or fixed to a mobile trolley.

Promultis TAB screens are ideal for:

• Retail Environments

• Marketing Suites

• Events and Exhibition Stands

• Museums and Libraries

Secure cable management

Compatible with Windows/Mac/Android/Linux operating systems. Optional PC or Android boxes can be housed inside the box along with cable management.

Colour and applied graphics

The TAB Screen is available in a variety of colours. Select a colour for the screen bezel and add your logo. In addition, the device can be vinyl wrapped with graphics of your choosing.

Immerse Bespoke Interactive Software from Promultis

Promultis offers a bespoke software creation service where our software development team will create a multitouch interactive experience to run on your touch table. Visit our website at for example applications and case studies.

Software options

The Snowflake Suite Ultimate is perfect for education and training, its fully featured with all over 52 apps, including presentation, creativity and productivity tools, as well as games. It is intuitive and easy to use and customisable to suit your needs.

Object Recognition Ready

Object recognition is the ability to drop an interactive puck onto the screen and the screen to react to that object and display relevant content such as videos, pictures and graphics. Promultis offers an object recognition software service detailed on the Immerse website.

WidthHeightDepthScreen Visible AreaWeight
43″1068mm658mm110mm939 x 528mm40kg
49″1200mm730mm110mm1073 x 603mm50kg
55″1346mm817mm110mm1208 x 679mm59kg
65″1578mm953mm125mm1427 x 802mm70.5kg
75″1786mm1063mm130mm1649 x 927mm87kg
85″2028mm1205mm140mm1877 x 1057mm91kg

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