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Curved Video Wall

This Promultis curved interactive video wall is the first in the world utilising projected capacitive touch technology!

Following extensive research & development, our hardware & software engineers were able to manufacture and install a world first! The first curved interactive video wall that utilises projected capacitive touch technology! Consisting of industry standard, high brightness, high definition screens in a 9×1 configuration, this wall is a true sight to behold. The curved design results in a much more engaging experience for the user, making the content feel closer than ever before. The solution is also capable of up to 360 touch inputs at any one time, so if required, 36 people could interact with the wall at the same time with both hands! The solution is driven by a Promultis built server using only the highest grade components and graphics cards, ensuring the wall runs smoothly for extended periods at all times. We have the know how to make your content feel closer and more engaging when utilising a curved design, this is a true breakthrough in the world of interactive video walls and opens a new world of possibilities for you, our clients!

We installed one of the world’s largest interactive touch video walls at Glasgow Caledonian University

254″ diagonal, Using 18 x 46″ LED Screens