Promultis at the Retail Digital Signage Expo 2017


A panormic of the Promultis stand at the Retail Digital Signage Expo 2017.


Firstly, we would just like to thank all of you that visited Promultis at the Retail Digital Signage Expo on the 8th and 9th May. We were elated to meet lots of fantastic people that share our passion for interactive displays and customer engagement!

It was a pleasure to learn about you and your businesses and discuss how our digital signage solutions can help your organisations. We look forward to working with you!

So, what did we show?

The star of the stand without a doubt was our beautiful 3×3 Interactive Multitouch Video Wall, the only multitouch Video Wall on show at RDSE!

The high brightness ultra-narrow bezel flat panels are near seamless, perfect for high-definition video and images.

Allowing over 30 touch points, Visitors to the stand were able to really get hands on….. simultaneously!

The ultimate collaborative platform.

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Totem-Focus-at-the-Retail-Digital-Signage-ExpoThe Totem Focus took pride of place at the front of our stand.

Commanding attention, its large stylish HD display, touch capability and integrated camera is the perfect solution for retailers that want to encourage engagement with their custom content.

On the Totem Focus, we demonstrated interactive photo booth software that allowed attendees to take selfies, then upload them directly to social media.

The Totem Focus is a particularly effective platform when using demographic recognition software. Via the Totem Focus built in camera it is possible for the software to identify an individual’s age, sex, whether they are smiling, frowning and more!

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Promultis-Uno-Table-at-the-Retail-Digital-Signage-ExpoAt the heart of the stand was our Uno Table, designed and built in response to our customers’ needs for a lighter weight, more compact Promultis table, the Uno table is one of our best-selling products!

For the Expo, we utilised the Uno Table to demonstrate the latest advancements in object recognition software. Using in-house 3D printed models as triggers, once placed on the table, the software recognises the object and calls up dynamic content relating to that object.

The possibilities really are endless with this kind of interactivity and we look forward to implementing it more and more for our customers.

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Catching the eyes and imaginations of the delegates on the Promultis stand were 2 products from our good friends based in Finland, Seloy Live.

First up, a product called ‘Sense’ (Image Right), a customised transparent glass surface with projection and touch capabilities. Perfectly placed along the side of the Promultis shop, the Sense allowed passers-by to engage with unique interactive digital content. The display even received an award from the Expo organisers for innovation!





The second product from Seloy Live, adjacent to our video wall, was the ‘Shine’ (Image Left). A semi-transparent, interactive touch mirror. The possibilities for retail, hotels, bars, restaurants and hair salons are endless with this product, a true centre piece.

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In Summary

Thank you for taking the time to read this snap-shot of our key products at the Retail Digital Signage Expo. We are thrilled with all the positive feedback we have received and we are already looking forward to returning to the expo next year!


If you missed the show, not to worry, we are more than happy to arrange a demonstration of our hardware and software at your place of business, just call +44 (0) 239 251 2794 or email

Don’t forget to stay in-touch with Promultis on social media for daily updates, news and developments!

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