Promultis at The National Gallery!

Promultis Lightning screen and Totem Focus at The National Gallery!

The National Gallery houses one of the greatest collections of paintings in the world. Open 361 days a year, free of charge, and receiving around 6million visitors per year, we were thrilled to be asked to work with them!

The National Gallery required an interactive application that would allow a visitor to make a donation to the gallery. In addition, the visitor should be able to take a photograph of themselves which would be merged with a gallery painting and presented on a seperate screen in a mosaic.


We supplied an 84” Lightning screen and a 55” Totem Focus with integrated POS terminal, flagship products that can withstand the high visitor count and interactions with ease!

This project consisted of 2 parts; the first part was the integration of Worldpay secure payment in conjunction with a POS terminal fixed to the Totem, this allows visitors to select one of three payment amounts and then pay by credit or debit card and, if requested, receive a printed receipt.

The second part utilises the Totem web camera, allowing visitors to take a series of photagraphs of themselves. The photographs are then displayed on the Totem screen and when the visitor selects a photograph, the selected photograph is then sent to the mosaic application on the 84” Lightning screen, after which The visitor is offered the opportunity to send the selected image to their email.

This installation demonstrates not just the versatility of Promultis hardware and software, but also the ROI and data collection potential of our solutions.

From conception to installation, we love working with clients on projects of all sizes. If you would just like to have a friendly chat about what we can possibly do for you, or if you would like to arrange a demonstration of our products at your place of business or at our demonstration room, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +44 (0) 239 251 2794 or emailing

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