Interactive Table & Screens for Channel 4’s Hunted TV Series

Celebrity Hunted : Case Study

The Problem

After five successful seasons of Hunted on Channel 4, and with a new season approaching, Shine TV and Channel 4 were looking to update the look and feel of Hunted to a more modern and futuristic environment.

The producers wanted to use touch screen technology and interactive screens to not only help the Hunters interact with the data quicker, but also to improve the overall style of the Hunters office space.

This would require the latest tech in interactive screens and video walls, but it would also need a bespoke software solution to handle all the incoming data and present it in a cool cinematic view.

The Solution

Shine TV approached Promultis and discussed with us the hardware and software requirements they would need to achieve the style they wanted. We invited Shine TV to our offices on the South Coast so that we could demonstrate to them our latest interactive tech. From the touchscreen Uno Elite Table with multitouch technology, through to the connected Video Wall which shows the rest of the Hunters team the relevant information they need.

Promultis also provided multiple demonstrations of our custom software solutions to show that not only can we provide the hardware, but also the software to run on it. The software solution firstly had to look amazing, but more importantly, it had to perform well and be easy for the Hunters to use. Shine TV were impressed with our demo’s and commissioned us to provide the hardware and to create the software experience for the show.

Once ready, our build team went out to the studio and installed all of the equipment on the set. We also provide training for the production team on how to use the software experience to get the best out of it. It was a long day and night to get it all set up perfectly and the final result looked stunning!

The Reaction

We don’t think Shine TV were expecting such a fantastic result, but they were absolutely over the moon with the look, feel and useability of our solutions. After seeing it in action, they were so impressed that the table itself is now going to be featured a lot more in the show and they’ve even named it “the war table”. We as a company couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved here, and we can’t wait to see our super cool products on Channel 4.

Celebrity Hunted starts on Sunday 30th January 2022. Be sure to check it (and our tech) out!